useful water info

We are awash with information on our environment, but simply Googling a topic may not be the best approach. Below is a curated list of reliable and authoritative sources of information and data with a strong water-related emphasis.

For EPA Biological Monitoring Results:
(select 32, 33, 34 or 30 for hydrometric areas within Mayo)
For detailed local surface waters and groundwater information.

For Water Quality Maps –

For Water Quality Data:

Have your say on the 2022-2027 River Basin Management Plan:

For Catchment Stories – newsletters and lots of local community actions:

For more detailed Science:

For Biodiversity Recording and Maps:

For Reporting of Pollution – the See It? Say It! App:

For General Maps of Ireland – Ordnance Survey:

For the Geology of Ireland – Geological Survey of Ireland:

For Groundwater maps:

For Fisheries Information: Inland Fisheries Ireland:

For Whales and Dolphin sightings: IWDG.IE

Guidelines for Communities Managing Local Wetlands and Peatlands – A Handbook

For Drinking Water Quality:

For Information on Septic Tanks:

For a Great Range of Environmental Maps:

For details of your local waste water (sewage) treatment plant:

For info on the award-winning Streamscapes Programme for Catchment Awareness: for: