Information Sources for Irish Water Birds and Mammals

Some useful resources.

Wetland habitats and general biodiversity

Website of the Irish Ramsar Wetlands Committee:

Website of Wetland Surveys Ireland

And their map with wetland sites at this link:,51.0620,-3.9117,55.6465

Biodiversity Ireland:


Breeding seabird data: See:,51.0620,-3.9117,55.6465

Irish Wetland Bird Survey monitoring programme – how to get involved and site information:

Countryside bird surveys monitoring programme

Kingfisher survey report (relevant to all rivers in Moy catchment)

Common Scoter survey report (2020 update will be out soon) (relevant to Conn/Cullin)

Red lists

Birds – see

Other species:


Bat Conservation Ireland :

Otter survey report

Mapping – old maps and current maps and spatial data

For historical maps to look at land use change since the 1830’s (e.g. river canalisation, loss of natural flood areas:

Aerials since 1995: